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Why Resolute

Why is Resolute Property Management different?

Significant experience

First of all, I personally bring 18 years of experience to Resolute. I've gained numerous insights through my work in real estate administration and in real estate training. I've also been actively involved in property rentals. After years in real estate, I am personally committed to bringing the latest, most up-to-date management concepts to my endeavours.

Hands-on approach

We're "hands-on" so that, as an investor, you can be free to enjoy other pursuits. The more that we understand about each property on an ongoing basis, the more efficient we can be in anticipating needs in a proactive manner. Capable property managers need to stay ahead of circumstances involving renters, maintenance and service providers.

Honesty and integrity

After more than a decade-and-a-half in various parts of the real estate business, I have learned over and over again the importance of dealing with all parties in an open and honest manner. In property management, trust is a critical component in all relationships. We work hard to build and maintain a high level of trust with the property investors that we serve. The relationships that we build with renters, tradesmen and others are that much stronger if we have a reputation for honesty and integrity.